Almost every driver faced this: it’s freezing outside, you jump in your car in the morning and the car won’t start. As a result you get late for work, freak out, all your plans fall to the ground. Who’s to blame? In most cases it’s driver himself who failed to get ready for winter.

This time of the year cold battery starts the engine with thick oil, therefore increasing the load on the battery itself. The battery starts charging only after the warm-up and only when the vehicle is in motion (there is no charging when the engine is running idle).  As a result, drivers have to deal with a problem when their car battery is discharged and has no power to spin the starter. A partly discharged battery can be charged or restored yet you cannot restore a fully discharged battery. An average battery life is about 3-5 years, though it directly depends on proper use and maintenance. You will have to buy a new battery for your car sooner or later after it reaches such a life-time.

You can choose a vehicle battery on your own. You just need to know general specifications: capacity, polarity, dimensions, manufacture date and car battery brand. All the general specifications are usually specified on the front battery label. As for the vehicle itself, there are specifications of all the parts required for replacement in the technical manual.

  1. Capacity

Battery cost is directly related to its capacity and cranking amps. The higher the cranking amps are, the faster the starter spins the engine.

You must buy a battery for your car in accordance with the capacity specified in the technical manual for your vehicle. Using a battery with lower capacity may cause problems while starting the engine. If there is excessive capacity, then the generator will not fully charge the battery which may result in sooner battery failure. The capacity of eDCon batteries is specified on the front label. The range of capacity of eDCon is between 44 and 100 A/h.

  1. Polarity

It’s quite simple here: it’s «reverse» or «straight». Polarity determines the electrode position in the battery box. Straight polarity (+-) is popular in the batteries for Asian vehicles, while reverse polarity is quite common in the cars of European manufacturers. It is often impossible to install a battery with wrong polarity since the wires won’t just reach the electrodes. Polarity can be easily determined by just looking at battery terminals, there are plus and minus signs on them.

  1. Dimensions

There is space specifically for battery in the motor compartment; it might be impossible to fit a battery of some other size there. Check the dimensions of your previous battery before you buy a new one.

While buying a new battery, you must already know exactly the dimensions of a battery for your car. You could see dimensions of eDCon batteries on the front label.

  1. Manufacture date

Battery expiration date depends on its manufacture date. Battery service life is about 3 – 5 years and it goes without saying that the newer a device is, the longer it serves you. Service time does not count from the day when a battery was installed into a vehicle but from the moment of activation. If a battery was manufactured a long time ago, then there is quite a chance that it might be partly of fully discharged at the moment when you buy it.

  1. Brand

Battery price pretty much depends on brands. Premium-brand batteries cost more because their prices include expenses on advertising, marketing and promotion. Only few people are willing to pay extra for a nice name but if a brand is reliable and popular, this tells us a lot about customer trust.

Advanced and modern eDCon battery technologies are used on contemporary high-tech lines of one the world best manufacturer of lead batteries. An advanced factories located in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Turkey have everything you need to guarantee the high quality of manufacture of eDCon vehicle batteries.

Advantages of eDCon batteries for passenger cars:

  • Advanced performance +30% owing to the Ca-Ultra calcium technology
  • 100% overcharge protection owing to the Ca-Heavy Duty technology
  • 3 times slower self-discharge
  • Easy-to-use, fully maintenance-free owing to the Ca-Easy Care technology
  • Suitable for bad roads and off-road owing to the Ca-Shield technology 
  • An excellent combination of price and quality
  • eDCon quality is confirmed by a two-year warranty.


eDCon batteries – the best choice for your vehicle!