Shockproof heat-resistant plastic battery casings and alloying of electrode plates using the Ca-Shield technology increase reliability and vibration resistance of eDCon batteries, which allows using them safely in conditions of bad roads and off-road.

«Smart» Ca-Heavy Duty calcium lead alloy protects batteries from overcharging.  After having reached 95-97% charge, battery «shuts down» and shifts to the smooth charge mode. This also means three times longer self-discharge time of EDCon batteries – your vehicle will stay «charged» even after a long vacation!

eDCon starter batteries were designed according to automotive industry development trends to guarantee safe and smooth vehicle use. The use of Ca-Ultra calcium technology helps to increase battery capacity and performance owing to the increase of thinner negative plates.

Lead plates containing calcium are reliably protected against corrosion by the Ca-Easy Care technology, which eliminated the need for watering and created a fully maintenance-free and easy-to-use eDCon battery. 

Hybrid+ technology was also introduced in eDCon batteries. It protects positive plates from premature wear and increases battery service life. High resistance to deep discharges and systematic undercharging from the generator are also advantages of eDCon batteries.