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EDCON batteries are a powerful starting force and a reliable power source for a growing number of modern vehicle electronic systems and devices. Designed for comfortable and safe use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.



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5 reasons to choose EDCON

High-end technical and operational properties

Extended service lifeduring operation in challenging road conditions

No maintenance is required

The guaranteed period- is up to 24 months.

Wide range of capacities: from 35 to 225 Ah

EDCON Technologies



State-of-the-art technology for manufacturing lead-acid batteries with Ca/Ca alloying plates.

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Classic manufacturing technology, when the electrolyte is in a liquid state.

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Advanced technology for manufacturing lead grids of positive current collectors for automotive starter batteries by stamping.

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The technology of manufacturing lead-acid batteries, where the electrolyte in the battery is not liquid, but is contained in an absorbed form in the microporous material of glass fiber separators

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The manufacturing site for Edcon batteries is located at an enterprise in the Czech Republic. The factory is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and utilizes innovative technologies in the manufacturing process, along with a corresponding system that has been introduced for meticulous quality control.

Edcon vehicle batteries have proven themselves well when used in various conditions. These batteries are superior to similar batteries of other brands in a number of specifications, including performance. This effect is achieved through the use of the following technological solutions:

  • The use of increased number of plates and coating them with calcium to enhance the starting power, durability and service life of the device, as well as to improve reliability and resistance to corrosion (CA/CA technology);
  • The classic version with liquid electrolyte used for trouble-free engine start in any weather, stability of the starting current, charge time reduction and resistance to vibration (SLI technology);
  • The use of fiberglass as an electrolyte-impregnated interlayer to significantly prolong the life of an automotive battery, increase starting power even at subzero temperatures, and ensure fire safety (AGM technology);
  • Manufacture of positive terminal grids made of lead alloy by stamping to enhance strength and electrical conductivity, reduce internal resistance, and comply with environmental standards (the Punch technology).


As a result, the vehicle batteries are durable, do not fail even with intensive use and successfully resist negative external influences. At the same time, the product line includes devices designed for passenger cars, heavy and commercial vehicles.


Specifications of Edcon automotive batteries

The manufacturer of Edcon automotive batteries provides a guarantee for all products, which in itself is a confirmation of their quality. The batteries are manufactured with the use of shock-resistant plastic, which prevents damage when the device falls or becomes loose in a vehicle. It is worth ordering an Edcon battery for several reasons:

  1. The batteries provide a powerful starting current, so they are suitable even for heavy vehicles;
  2. The devices do not require maintenance, including the addition of water, which substantially simplifies their use;
  3. The batteries are fully protected from overcharging by switching to a smooth charge after reaching 95-97%;
  4. These batteries will ensure stable operation of a vehicle even in case of voltage fluctuations in the network, because they have a low level of internal resistance.


Enhanced vibration resistance makes it possible to use the batteries in off-road conditions, when driving over rough terrain.


How to buy Edcon batteries wholesale

You can buy an Edcon automotive battery on favorable terms. One of them is the optimal combination of price and device parameters. There are other advantages as well:

  • The automotive batteries can be sold in bulk in any batches;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Reasonable price of the automotive batteries;
  • It is possible to purchase the automotive batteries with delivery to the warehouse.


Such an offer is relevant for commercial organizations whose activities are related to the use of transport.


You can check the prices of Edcon automotive batteries and order delivery of a required batch from the official distributors of the brand.

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