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Lead-acid batteries are the most popular type in the modern world and are widely used in the automotive industry.

SLI technology

A classic manufacturing technology that ensures the function of starting, lighting and ignition. The electrolyte is in a liquid state.

Stable starting current and fast charge.

Sustainability in all weather conditions.

Vibration resistance.

The best price-quality ratio.

Can be installed on vehicles without a start-stop system.


Modern technology for manufacturing lead-acid batteries with Ca/Ca plate alloying, which allows to create high-quality and dependable batteries with balanced characteristics.

Increased starting power for a successful start of the engine.

Dependable power supply of electronic comfort and safety systems. Excellent capacity performance from the increased number of plates.

High-tech design and grid alloy.

Maintenance-Free They do not require maintenance and watering.

Long service life. Increased plate strength and corrosion resistance.

Impact-resistant cases.

AGM Technology

An innovative technology for the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, in which the electrolyte in the battery is not liquid, but is contained in an absorbed form in the microporous material of glass fiber separators, which results in a number of positive changes in the properties of the battery.

Advantages of the AGM technology

Extended service life. 3 times longer service life in cycles compared to conventional batteries.

High vibration resistance and fire safety.

Excellent starting power for a steady engine start (even at extremely low temperatures).

Reliable supply of power to the on-board network of high-tech vehicles, taking into account power requirements.

Сorrespond the requirements of the START-STOP system.

Reliable provision of frequent engine starts and operation of electronic equipment.

Resistant to high cyclic loads.

Out of service: do not require maintenance or refilling with water.

Absolute safety in operation: protection against leaks even in cases of violation of the integrity of the housing.

Start-stop vehicle cycle

Punch Technology

Advanced technology for manufacturing lead grids of positive current collectors for automotive starter batteries by stamping.

Increased strength and vibration resistance.

Extended battery life

Improved electrical conductivity: reduced internal resistance and improved adhesion with the active mass, which in the aggregate has a positive effect on electrical characteristics.

Environmental friendliness, significant reduction of emissions during the manufacture process

battery EDCON




Positive plate grid


Positive plate


Positive plate with separator


Negative plate grid


Negative plate


Positive plate group




Negative plate group


Negative plate group assembly


Central vent


Built-in folding handles


Terminal post

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