Warranty EDCON

Warranty service
in all the distribution countries

Our task

To ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Our goal

To provide advanced technologies and high-quality products in order to increase the company's value.

Our Policy


To comply with all laws and standards regarding quality, safety and performance requirements in each country where we offer our products and services, and constantly monitor compliance with them


To work with suppliers who comply with our Quality Policy and promote continuous development


Simplification and continuous improvement of our processes through the principle of quality management

Battery check procedure

The battery is faulty!

Provide proof of purchase

Check the battery for obvious damage

Conduct an operational check

Charge the battery for testing

The warranty will be cancelled in the following cases:

  • The warranty period has expired
  • The product was used in conditions other than normal.
  • The product has not been operated in accordance with the attached user manual.
  • The product was modified or repaired
  • The cover, case, terminal blocks or plugs are damaged.
  • Leakage due to damage to the lid or case
  • Fake codes and labels
  • Signs of overcharging (bloating) and undercharging (sulphation)


  • A DEAD battery is not a "warranty".
  • The warranty only covers "MANUFACTURING DEFECTS".
  • If necessary, the battery can be returned to the manufacturer for testing.
  • If there is a tester, it is recommended to use it to confirm the results.
  • Be sure to check the CCA or AH.
  • The warranty period is not extended if the battery replacement is approved.

The occurrence of a warranty case

All EDCON batteries are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Effective battery operation is guaranteed throughout the entire warranty period and more, provided that the rules of operation of vehicle batteries are observed.


To obtain free warranty service, please keep the warranty card for the entire warranty period. If the warranty card is lost or damaged, the warranty card will not be restored.

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